We also have supports, braces, pillows, nutritional supplements as well as other products available.


We offer traditional manual chiropractic adjustments along with ProAdjuster adjustments.  The ProAdjuster technology operates on the same principles as traditional chiropractic, only it uses computer analysis to make more detailed assessments and provide customized treatment.  To learn more about the ProAdjuster click here.


Increases blood flow, reduces muscle spasm, and reduces pain. Works by putting a small amount of electricity into the muscle causing it to contract and relax. Feels similar to electronic fingers tickling the muscles.

Pads are crossed to allow the charge to go deeper into the muscle.


Pads are not crossed and therefore the charge remains closer to the surface.


A sound wave is put into the muscle to break–up scar tissue and increase the blood flow to deep heat the muscle.


Machine pulls the vertebra apart slightly to release the pressure on the spinal nerves and discs


Machine that vibrates and heats the back to stimulate blood flow and reduce pain. Mobilizes the joints within the back to allow for better motion.


Increases blood flow and break–ups congestion and scar tissue.


It is used in treating and resolving soft tissue injuries, including repetitive stress diagnoses. It improves outcome, decreases number of treatments and reduces manual stress. It goes in 7 times deeper than your hands.

  • Stripping
    Done by massaging up toward the heart. Increases the blood flow and lymph flow. It decreases spasm, break–ups, scar tissue and reduces pain.

  • Light Massage
    Stimulates blood flow and touch sensors to decrease pain.

  • Cross Friction
    Massage across the muscle belly to break–up tissue and stimulate blood flow.

  • Triggering
    Technique used to break–up trigger points. This is done by using pressue on a trigger point.

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